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JG-803 pu shoe-making(sole) pouring machine

JG-803 pu shoe-making(sole) pouring machine
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Product details:

Our company promoted the 803new product recently , in one kind of spotlight mechanical and electrical is a body, the implementation intellectualization, the digitization, the new generation produces the polyurethane foaming product or the production polyur ethane transparent body product two user machine. This new product’s advanced characteristic manifests in the following two aspects:

One, designs aspect in machinery structure:

1、 Uses double A, the double B four hoisting bucket structura style, realizes A1B1 and A2B2 organic mix, May produce the different density, the different color foaming monomer, the transparent monomer or becomes spongy, the transparent association Body’s shoe sole product;
2、 Acts according to A1,B1, A2, the B2 material fluid respective proportion request, user four groups never to rub Damages the pin valve independent working a mix structure;
3、 This machine adopt inverted oil to cycle to head system, whose merit: Heat speed quickly, save an electricity

Two, in the field of autocontrol:

1、 Adopt a labor to charge machine for coming to structure the hardware platform, t design special use software, puts the complete machine autocontrol into practice; The man-machine developing by self handles
2、 An interface, has functions such as setting up the data, real time supervisory control, showing; The rotation rate measuring a pump adopt frequency conversion under the control of way.
3、 Whose merit is energy conservation, during the period of voltage is unsteady Make a rotation rate be is stability.
4、 Adopt special use Yu to owe equipment temperature, date collect the module the temperature controlling material, makes the temperature be in state never out of control.

Three, the parameter

pouring machine model
Tank quantity
Tank capacity
Pump quantity
Speed of pump(r/min)
Precision (%)
Max rotating
Speed of injection screw
Clean the head
Clean quantity
Clean the superfluous material
Product characteristics
Two color, two density Produce PU and transparent PU soles at the same time


The whole producing line include one main machine, one 60 station convey, one oven


1.main machine




2.60 station producing line(conveyor)



3.The raw material oven



Can produce safty shoes, leathe shoes, sandal shoes etc.


The packing and shipping



 The production workshop


Attend trade shows

Some spare parts

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