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The Country's Largest Footwear Service Providers In East China

The country's largest footwear service providers in East China headquarters "Whisper" Shimen


Recently, the Chinese shoes town of Shimen and the new Haopan Group, the formal signing of the strong joint, the new headquarters of the East China Footwear officially settled in Shek Mun Lamb Shoes Park.


As the country's largest footwear industry service providers, the new group of banks and the town of Shimen sandals hand, will bear the fruits of how the future of the two footwear industry and how to learn from each other, forge ahead? Shimen Town, the relevant responsible person said, And the new group's strengths complement each other, the twin win-win development, the future, Shimen create East China Footwear Center dream blueprint will be a step by step.


It is reported that Shimen shoe industry in the last century 80's. After twists and turns, and now has entered a new stage of transformation and upgrading. Since 2015, more than 100 local backbone enterprises have Baotuan assigned to Alibaba China made electricity business platform, footwear industry, the power of the road to go further. Build brands, strong design, with their own hard power to open up the market, and now, Shengdanli, Ba Ni, Jia Dai Aini, Howard and a number of local shoe products are exported to major provinces of the country. As the Shimen shoe business representatives in Jiaxing City Sheng Danli Shoes Co., Ltd. Zhonghong Xing, chairman of view, with congenital conditions, foundation, and no lack of enthusiasm Shimen footwear industry is now undoubtedly East China has become a rather distinctive Massive economic industry. The group's new Melco settled, but also to the Shimen shoe industry injected a needle "tonic."


"Women's shoes to see Guangdong." Women in the manufacturing industry, the Guangdong women's fashion trends have come to the fore the consensus of the people. The latest and most advanced industrial equipment, style design, the new group's shoe materials hardware leather market is the world's largest footwear raw materials trading market is one of Guangdong and the trend of the national leader in women's shoes. Among them, nearly a third of the amount of customers from the East China region. A so large, high-quality professional market in East China headquarters settled in Shimen, Shimen shoe enterprises, the future whether it is shoes, leather or shoes trend information or design team, manufacturing technology and equipment, can be drawn from the nearest ", Convenience advantages of the numerous dividends.


Reporters learned from the Shimen Shoe Committee, the future of the new East River Footwear headquarters base in the project on the establishment of lambs in the core area of the park, and service-oriented East China footwear industry group, fashion information-oriented, creative design-led, Intelligent footwear made to support the operation of the headquarters base, is set footwear fashion information release, design and development, quality shoes, e-commerce, cross-border electricity providers, trade and display, domestic and foreign trade, order center, Business and leisure, integrated office as one of the multi-functional footwear headquarters economic complex.


It is worth mentioning that, in October last year, set research and development, trading, electricity providers, logistics, warehousing in one of the finished shoe trade platform Shimen Bay footwear industry has broken ground. Is expected to be officially opened in October next year, after completion of the market daily flow of 10,000 people, the annual turnover of 50 billion. Shimen Bay Footwear City, the relevant responsible person said that the new headquarters in East China Shijiazhuang Shoe settled in Shimen, the future of Shimen Bay footwear industry to build the center of Shimen, Shimen Bay Footwear City is tailor-made for this. The two will complement each other, complement each other, Tongxiang and even to promote the East China footwear industry healthy and sustainable development.

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