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Footwear Industry Through Intelligent Transformation, To Achieve Sustained, Healthy And Efficient Development

This year the city two sessions, Li Meishun and other more than 10 Municipal People's Congress jointly submitted "on the support of the footwear industry, the production of intelligent transformation of the proposal", the city's shoe industry, Suggestions to formulate and organize the implementation of the transformation and upgrading of shoe business implementation plan, the introduction of policy support to build intelligent production, intelligent management service platform and pilot demonstration enterprises, to promote the Huizhou footwear industry from traditional manufacturing to modern intellectual change.


For the integration of high-end manufacturing industry and trade intelligence


The proposed Huidong County shoe industry development has been more than 30 years, Huidong shoe products market share continues to increase. Last year, the county shoe 900 million pairs, the output value of 33 billion yuan. But it must be noted that the Huidong footwear production mode, equipment generally backward, shoe-making equipment is generally not high intelligence level, the majority of processes decentralized operations, part of the manual to rely on the completion of the dependence on technology and equipment is low . Objectively speaking, the footwear industry in the small-scale enterprises, intelligent equipment prices are often high, some equipment is not practical.


The proposal to formulate and organize the implementation of shoe business transformation and upgrading of the implementation of the program to encourage enterprises to adhere to the industrial scale, production mechanization, product branding, enterprise groups, the international market, continue to guide and support the footwear industry to do stronger Large, to achieve research and development, production, orders, logistics, distribution and other high-end integrated manufacturing industry intelligence. At the same time, the introduction of policies to support the construction of intelligent production, intelligent management service platform and pilot demonstration enterprises, and promote the shoe industry production methods from the traditional manual to intelligent processing changes, improve labor productivity, reduce production costs; The introduction of outstanding design team, research and development for the actual shoe factory in the city of intelligent assembly line equipment to achieve intelligent machine control cutting, brushing, grinding and other processes to promote the footwear industry from the traditional manufacturing to the modern Intellectual change.


To achieve transformation and upgrading, talent is essential. The proposal proposed to support the creation of intelligent shoe-making vocational training model schools, targeted training production, research and development, sales, e-commerce and other related intelligent transformation of the necessary vocational and technical personnel to achieve special talent training and skills delivery.


Promote the integration of enterprise intelligent integration of ecological transformation


Li Meishun suggested that the industry to re-positioning and planning to encourage enterprises to guide the "low-end for high-end, mechanical for digital, single-for-sets, artificial intelligence" and other forms of enterprise development "intelligent, automated, , Ecological "as the focus of technological transformation and upgrading of equipment, in order to achieve downsizing and efficiency, increase the added value of shoe products, strive for more products, technology to achieve industry-leading level.


"With the individual, the trend of consumption into the mainstream, the footwear industry is bound to the need for a rapid payment, small batch production, the latter part of the rapid replenishment of the flexible supply chain transformation process, the traditional shoe intelligent transformation of the proposed New requirements. "Municipal CPPCC members Luo Yanping that, on the one hand to encourage large enterprises to use their own advantages to carry out intelligent transformation, to create industry benchmark; the other hand, to solve the small and medium enterprises are facing capital shortages, financing difficulties, lack of technical personnel and other issues , Promote small and medium enterprises to actively carry out intelligent transformation Baotuan.

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