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Location: Home - Products - Products & Service - Embossing Machine - ZZ-GP-2.5 High frequency Plastic embossing machine

ZZ-GP-2.5 High frequency Plastic embossing machine

ZZ-GP-2.5 High frequency Plastic embossing machine
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Product details:
Product Description


High Frequency welding is using the high frequency electromagnetic waves to heat and 

soften the join of certain plastics which have chemical dipoles, such as PVC, PA and acetates. 

When a press/die descents to apply pressure on the surface of two pieces of material, 

the high frequency wave are passed through the die and table. The high frequency field 

causes the molecule to vibrate and generate heat from vibration. The process can be 

continuous and able to perform localized heating. 




1. Fit for welding PVC/PVC, PVC/Card, special plastic material (PE, PS, PC, PET and APET) 

2. This series machine is suitable for all kind of need High output, high presure. Such as Large folder, leather pattern, PVC bag, PVC Pattern, watercolor boxt etc.

Machine features 

1. Steady frequency: This machine strictly adopts industrial wave band 27.12/40.68 MHz according to the provision of nations "radio interference committee"(CISPR) with steady frequency device and prevent the leak of magnetism, have no interference about the outside environment. 

2. Spark restrains system: This machine has high sensitive Spark restraint electro-circuit can check out the imbalance current which can bring spark and cut it off, meanwhile alert the operator. 

3. Vibrate current setting: The output can be adjusted by adjuster according to thickness of material and the size of products, which ensure the quality of welding and promote production. 

4. Security protection: This machine has security protection system of exceed voltage and electric current.

H·F output power
Oscillaion Frequency
Power supply
220V/380V/415V/440V 3phase
Input power
Silicon retifier
Max pressure
Silicon Diode
Itermediate Delay
Japan Fuji
Magenatic valve
Net weight
Gross weight
packaging measurement
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